Infamous Vita?

Well it has been talked over through gaming sites everywhere. Yes, Sony Bend was working on an Infamous Vita game(if the story is true). Anyway you look at it we aren’t going to get one. But the thought of it once existing builds a world in my head. Here is what I want (or now wish desperately).

Game Opening
I’m going to pull us back in time before Delsin & Fetch. Before Cole SPOILER ALERT dies at the end of Infamous 2. The game starts as the Beast is headed for the duel with Cole in New Marais(New Orleans). Which if you’ve played through you know the Beast walks all the way from Empire City(New York City) passing by and devastating several city and towns along the way. Since John has the power to activate other conduits. His long stroll to his doom would activate several conduits  on his way. That’s where we begin. The protagonist is living in a small town that is currently dealing with a corrupt police force that is helping traffic illegal drugs into the states. The protagonis(we will say PRG from here on) is in the wrong place trying to catch said corruption in the act. The Beast walks by sends a wave out killing/activating everyone in the area. The the game begins.

A smaller city than the bigger brothers on PS3 & PS4. But still plenty of area to explore. One real difference right off no blast shards. They would not make since in this game. Instead the Beast wave creates some new form of power up items to collect. This will play more akin to second son in regards to enemies. The corrupt police and drug dealers are the fodder. While having a much lower count for actual “Evil” conduits. A smaller city equals less people overall, which let’s face it the vita can only do so much. Outside of small tweaks(no rail system in the sky) the cities in each one work well.

So the big baddies of the game. I believe there should only be two maybe three at the most. I also want them to drop in for multiple battles versus previous games keeping it to one a piece. The small city and limiting the area that John’s Beast wave hits should limit the number of conduits that become active. A low ranking power hungry police officer or drug smuggler bent on running the town wouldn’t be anything new in the villain world, but would be a change for the series.

The PRG power in the game I feel should be more limited. Say the PRG controls fire I don’t think a tornado of fire is a good idea in the setting. Limiting it to a fireball, fire grenade and a blazing dash would show off the inexperience and lack of time to train up.

This is the area I kept arguing with myself about. Each game features a good/evil version of the PRG, and this would be no different. Minor differences to each side of the story bringing it to the same ending. No worries about which ends up being canon because they end the same. Either way you play you get the ending as its meant to be seen. Sony and the development team don’t have the headache of saying well the good ending is canon the others is for fun…

Anyway you slice it Infamous Vita will likely never happen and this small city will remain locked inside my brain forever. But a gamer can always dream.

Oh and the PRG of the game dies at the end… no retcon needed.

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