February Freebies: for PS Plus & XBOX Gold Members

Reap the benefits of your membership… These titles will be available in their respective stores on Tuesday, February 3rd.

PS Plus Titles

Transistor (PS4): From the creators of Bastion, comes a new Sci Fi action RPG where you wield fantastic weaponry as you fight your way through a beautiful futuristic city.

Apotheon (PS4): Steeped in Ancient Greek Mythology, this 2D action RPG sends you through the land of the dead and straight into the heart of Mount Olympus where humanity’s last hope seeks to end the wrath of the gods.

Yakuza 4 (PS3): Can you survive in the dangerous world of the Japanese underworld?

Thief (PS3): Step into the shadows of this 1st person adventure, where you assume the role of the master thief Garrett.

Rogue Legacy (PS4, PS3, Vita): Every time you enter the doors to the castle, you’re in for a new challenge as nothing is ever the same. Every time you die in this 2D action platformer, you’re dead… but there is always going to be an heir ready to assume the challenge ahead.

Kick & Fennick (Vita): In this action platformer you assume the role of Kick and with the aid of his robotic friend Fennick, you embark on an adventure to retrieve an energy core from the core tower.

XBOX Live Gold

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (Xbox 360): Set in a visually beautiful world, you’ll encounter rich storytelling and dual action puzzles in this unique gaming experience.

Sniper Elite: V2 (Xbox 360): In this 3rd person tactical shooter, it’s encouraged that you utilize stealth and take out high value targets from a distance. However the choice is yours, you decide how to best approach each mission.

#IDARB (Xbox One): This is a chaotic, fast paced, 8 player eSport jumping arena ball game of the future… this game was built with the cumulative input of thousands of gamers.