Top 10 Most Anticipated Games for 2015


Uncharted 4, Quantum Break, The Division & Rainbow Six are all delayed to 2016.

So we’re already into February 2015. Guess we need to post a list of games we’re excited for in 2015.

So starting off….

10. Rainbow 6 Siege
A few years ago, the Rainbow 6 franchise revealed an upcoming title entitled Patriots. When I read the storyline details for this game, I was so very excited… And then, it was shelved. However in the wake of canceling the very controversial Patriots, Siege was created.
Pro: The multiplayer footage we’ve seen, looks absolutely fantastic. The fully destructible environments and offensive/ defensive siege tools add a wonderful new depth to the authenticity of the world.
Con: We still haven’t received much information regarding the campaign story, this will ultimately make or break the game.

9. Inside
This is the newest title from the team that brought us Limbo, which was a fun platformed. Inside shares very similar aesthetic to Limbo, which is a very beautiful gray scale environment. Set in a futuristic, dystopian society where you’re being pursued by those that aim to strip you of your free will.

8. The Order: 1886
Who wouldn’t want to dive into a beautiful steam punk world, full of mystery, intrigue, and werewolves.

7. No Man’s Sky
This has to be one of the most ambitious indie titles in recent years. Travel between worlds, explore virgin territory, and defend against any inhabitants that wish to do you harm.

6. The Forest
With the vast popularity of Minecraft, it was only a matter of time before that formula was adapted for mature audiences… Has that day come?

5. Starwars: Battlefront

Will DICE be the studio to finally get this installment off the ground? I’ve loved the Starwars franchise since I was a small boy, this installment promises to rekindle our love of the franchise.

4. Walking Dead season 3

Telltale brings us beautifully crafted storytelling, eye catching artwork, and a whole lot of zombies… What more could you need?

3. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Unfortunately I was late yo the PS3 party, so I didn’t my first introduction to Nathan Drake until a couple of years ago. But I thoroughly enjoyed the gameplay and well written stories. The newest installment looks absolutely beautiful, can’t wait to get my hands on it.

2. The Division

My interest was peaked when the game was announced, every bit of news revealed just reaffirms why I can’t wait to play it. Despite the government’s best contingency planning, this game portrays a very realistic take on what happens when those plans fail.

1. Batman Arkham Knight

It’s BATMAN! Enough said… Arkham Asylum reconnected me to my love of gaming. Rocksteady not only proved they understood the Batman universe, but they respected the hell out of it and wanted to ensure it was done right. They continued to prove their point as we entered Arkham City, the compelling storytelling immersed us into the world of Batman. Rocksteady promises that their 3rd and final installment of the franchise will be their crowning achievement.

Honorable Mentions
Homefront Revolution
Ori and the Blind Forest

And there’s no need to mention Dying Light, because I’ve already picked it up… Otherwise it would’ve been in my top 10. I’ll have a review coming to you shortly.

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