Evolve Review – How much should you pay?

Well it finally dropped. That’s right Evolve is available to the masses. Now that we’ve had some time with it here is my opinion on the game.

Monster Madness
Playing as the Monster is fun and annoying. While I constantly felt the power behind the creature I also felt confused by the camera. The camera controls will take some getting used to while battling Hunters.

Utilizing the powers each Monster had was awesome. I never felt like I wasn’t in control of a battle, even the ones I lost.

Hunters Party
My time as the Hunters was way more comfortable. Playing FPS is the new normal for gaming. The arsenal at each classes disposal is nice and allows varied gameplay. However running from a Monster when your health is dropping isn’t going to happen. You cannot escape once you are in the Monsters sights.

There are two modes Evacuation and Hunt. While both modes offer basically the same gameplay, Evacuation changes up the Monster’s “targets”. This does change how you play from both sides.

Random Thoughts
Having to unlock Monsters and Hunters adds a bit of grind to the game. For me the grind will always take away from the game itself.

No real customization. Each character has their set weapons and powers. I would like the ability to build a character I want that fits me better than a premade character that fits a mold.

While I believe a mic is essential to coordinate attacks and track the Monster you can win without it.

Fun gameplay
Feeling empowered
Evolving to level 3 is a blast

Limited customization
Can’t escape

Overall I would say pick this game up for $45 to $50. With a group of friends.