Terrifying Tuesday: Let’s Play The Order 1886

Thank you for joining us for another episode of our weekly let’s play series Terrifying Tuesday, where we’ll be enduring the creepiest and most horrific gaming moments for your viewing pleasure.

Today we’re going to take on a scene from The Order: 1886, this is our first encounter with the savage Lycan’s. Their brutality is visible throughout the game and it’s clear why the Order has taken it’s oath to defend against these creatures.

This game has certainly been a controversial topic of discussion, between the game duration and misleading marketing of the game. However I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this title, I do believe there needs to be more of a balance between the cinematic and actual gameplay but I’m enjoying the storytelling all the same.

Stop by tomorrow for another edition of Wayback Wednesday, where we’ll dust off some of those older titles that helped to shape who we are today…

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