Themeless Thursday: Let’s Play The Order 1886

Thank you for joining us on another episode of Themeless Thursday, where we’ve left our options completely wide open so we can bring you whatever game comes to mind. Today we’ll be playing another round from The Order: 1886. We’ve specifically chosen this segment of gameplay to highlight, because of the controversy that has been surrounding the release of The Order: 1886.

The negative reviews surrounding the game, primarily stem from the highly cinematic nature of the game. This was a point that was mentioned repeatedly during the promotion of the game, however we didn’t see very much that specifically showed the audience what that really mean’t. The majority of what we were shown; looked, felt, and played like a normal game, however the game plays more like a hybrid between the Telltale style of storytelling/ game development and a more conventional game. We feel that this segment of gameplay really portrays a clear picture of what this hybrid style of game development looks like and can be the future of gaming, if promoted properly…

We’ll be posting our official review of The Order: 1886, for now… check out the video and start to form your own opinions. Check us out tomorrow for another episode of Firefight Friday where we’ll be highlighting the first major shoot out from The Order: 1886.

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