Looking Back – Was I Prepared for TitanFall?


Well TitanFall has been out for a year… yeah time flies. I felt like TitanFall was the game that required my time. So I picked up my Xbox One and preordered the game. Release day came, I ran to my local Gamestop picked up my copy. Once home and after the install I was calling in my Titan, running the battlefield and having a blast. All was good… until it was week 3. I was bored. Multiplayer is not my strongest area as a gamer. So I quit playing it, sold my copy and left it at that.


So why am I bringing up a game I sold within the first month? A few weeks back Microsoft had a game sale. One of those games… TitanFall. It was $13 and included all the DLC. We were preparing to launch averagenobodys so I figured I would give it another go. I’m glad I did. Through the DLC they included a Horde Mode called Frontier Defense. This changed the game. This is what I wanted from TitanFall. I wasn’t battling human controlled pilots who would destroy me in MP. I, with 3 others, defended a zone in the game. Taking down waves of AI controlled grunts and titans. This is the mode I hope they turn into the campaign for TitanFall 2. It is challenging but accessible. Fun and enjoyable.


I know. Again why have I brought this up? Because TitanFall is a year old. Because DLC can change a game from not fun to fun very quickly. And because the DLC was free for everyone yesterday and may vary well still be free. If you haven’t played TitanFall give it a go. Enough time has passed it’s a much better game than when it released. Oh, I still haven’t played any of the normal MP.

If you want checkout my let’s play for Frontier Defense.

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