Damascus Gear: Operation Vita Revival?

So when I saw this game was coming to the Vita in North America I was excited. The trailers made me think of Dynasty Warriors Gundam. Which would’ve been amazing. But as always, with Vita Games, it falls shy of reaching that potential. Now if you don’t know what this game is about look here.

This game is nothing special to look at, but the visuals don’t take away. So net neutral. One item that does standout is that your Mech will change its appearance based on how you customize it. So points there. I wish the [GEAR] had walking animations and the backdrop had more pop.

The gameplay is a bit of a mix. Your weapons are mapped to the face buttons and allow a variety of combat options. With ranged weapons the there is an auto lock of sorts. But you can easily miss your enemies with close combat. It’s easily a watered down version of the Dynasty Warriors combat, and that’s not a bad thing.

Well outside of the narrative I got from the prerelease info nothing really jumps out. I like the idea but it’s terminator-esque. So this games story isn’t it’s drawing factor. Good news this game doesn’t need the story to be it’s strongest point. I spent many years of my life discounting games that lacked in this area. As I’ve grown I found my self wanting a good mix of all game types. This definitely scratches the itch of fun gameplay.

At the beginning I was a little disappointed. It wasn’t until I put in some solid time that I began to have fun. Powering through missions. Upgrading my Mech. Returning to waste more enemies and achieving the coveted S rank. I had a blast.

While DG definitely has promise, it misses the mark in a few areas. I would love to see a more fluid combat system. As well as better leveling methods. I did enjoy my battles against more powerful foes and finding new items to increase my power. My biggest complaint is the circle button works as the accept input and X is cancel. I had moments of awkwardness in the menu screens.

With that said pick the game up. It’s a blast in quick burst. It comes in at $15 and will likely stay on your Vita for a long while. You will play it whenever a free moment pops up due to the bite size nature of the missions. The combat and equipment hunt will keep you coming back for more. I look forward to a sequel.

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