Axiom Verge Review – Do you like Memory Lane?

When I heard of Axiom Verge I was a bit skeptical. Why make an NES inspired game on PS4? But as more details dropped I was intrigued. A SciFi world with “glitches” that helped you progress through the game. The idea sounded awesome.

Now I’ve never played Super Metroid… I know, I know… I was a Genesis kid. But I have played other Metroidvania games. Like Guacamelee and acquired the Platinum Trophy, so I knew what I had to do.

With Sony and IGN pushing so much information about Axiom Verge I knew it was going to be a big deal. So the decision was made. I was getting this game. Little did I know I would be reviewing it…

Now if you judge this game based on the realistic graphics of games today then Axiom Verge falls flat. However this game didn’t set out to wow you with realism. It looked to invoke nostalgia, and it suceeded. I loved the design choices and am glad it was made to bring me back. Points to Mr. Happ.

The story in game is told via text boxes. Just like the early days of gaming. My only problem was the ability to skip text. I missed a few lines and had to train myself X would not help me learn more faster. The story here is awesome  and even though there is no Voice Acting it is worth reading.

You can tell this is inspired by Metroid. The shooting ability is on point. Jumping can fill floaty at times. But all the other abilities you learn add different levels to the game. Bosses are huge and challenging. It took me a bit to remember to “lock” my character so I didn’t walk off ledges or into enemies, but once I got it down the game was a blast.

Areas of Note
A couple things stuck out to me. The ability to skip text could ruin the story. I wish it could be turned off. I also would have love some form of Voice Acting in the game. It would’ve been cool to hear the Bosses scream out something…

So what do I think of Axiom Verge? Go buy it. It is $20 easily worth every penny. It brought me back to my childhood when games didn’t have to be photo realistic. It excited my nerdiness with things like “glitching” my enemies. I had such a good time with it.