Bit Evolution – Growing through the Generations

One thing I love is finding out about new games. So I was pleasantly surprised when I heard of BiT Evolution. The game is currently on Steam’s Early Access program. I was able to get some game time on BiT Evolution over the past week.

Here is a summary from the games site.

‘BiT: Evolution’ is a modern-retro platformer that pays homage to video gaming from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. This single player game follows the story of the main character, BiT. BiT starts as a simple puck from a hockey video game who finds his way outside his world and into the realm of code; A mysterious place found between game levels. There, he explores multiple platformers and game types, with the visual aesthetic of each game evolving with time.

Evolve Through the Ages
While progressing through the game, BiT is able to evolve and visit new worlds, each inspired by past gaming platforms. Platforms that we plan to include worlds inspired by in the original release are: Atari, Gameboy, NES, and SNES.

This idea is pretty cool. I loved the opening for the game. SPOILERS Your character “BiT” is the Pong ball. How awesome is that? Spoilers over. My time with it was super enjoyable. The game has charming design.

So what do you do?
I’m glad you asked. You move BiT through each level collecting Pixels and dodging enemies. Once you arrive at the Goal the level is complete. Well actually no… it isn’t. When you “die” in the game you are transported to the “code”. Yes you are seeing 10010111.

In the “code” there are more pixels and enemies, only if you die here you restart the level. The real twist is knowing you have to “die” in the “real” world to progress through certain points in the levels. I think that is a really cool design choice. It adds a bit of puzzleness to the platformer(sorry couldn’t help myself).

Again BiT Evolution is in Early Access, if you buy now you can save money, but you also don’t have the full game either. So that choice is up to you. I however look forward to seeing the direction and growth.

If you want here is the Major Games site, they are developing Bit Evolution. Check them out and follow them on Twitter. Now be sure to let us know what you think of BiT Evolution. As always leave a comment, follow the Blog. Check us out on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel. And as always Thanks for being Awesome.