Bastion Review – Rebuilding the World… Again with PlayStation

I had heard of Bastion before, but never had any idea what it was or what it was about(PS3 owner). Once I heard it was coming to PS4 & PS Vita I had to check it out.

The beautiful colors and action RPG elements grabbed a hold. Many high profile gaming outlets regarded Bastion so highly. So all of these areas combined make this a sure thing. Right? Time to dig in… But first.

What is Bastion
Bastion is an action RPG. You play as the Kid who survived a global catastrophe. You are trying to collect shards to piece Bastion back together. Here is our preview if you want to know more.

Again this game is Beautiful. The art style is amazing. As you are wondering through the levels watching them build themselves it is truly amazing. The game is distracting in that it’s awesome watching pieces fly around and complete each level.

The story is told through real time narration. Which is so AWESOME!!! I loved listening as the narrator commented on me running away from enemies or when I engaged some I should’ve skipped over. Of course the rest of the plot is a little less exciting, but still good.

As an Action RPG the combat is great. The weapons and abilities you choose really matter in combat. If you choose the Bow, a slow but powerful, and you need to be quick you’re going to take some damage. I enjoy the simplicity of the controls. One button for each weapon, one for healing and one for evading. Simple always equals good controls.

Remote Play
This is currently the only “Vita” option at the current time(it’ll release soon enough). But the controls do not translate over well. I died several times because of the shield being touch screen versus a button. Throwing out normal controls really hurts the gameplay.

Go get this game. It’s gameplay and inventive narration mechanic make it a must play for all gamers.

Now be sure to let us know what you think of Bastion. When did you play it? As always leave a comment, follow the Blog. Check us out on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel. And as always Thanks for being Awesome.


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