Grave, Open World Survival Horror Coming to PS4 & Xbox One In Q4 2015

grave logo

Lately it seems there have been an increasing number of developers embracing the idea of using day/ night cycles as an active trigger within their games, this is becoming especially prevalent in the survival horror genre.

In this regard Grave isn’t an exception, they’re employing the day/ night cycle as a means of signaling the creatures that stalk you through the night. However they’re promising to deliver a truly unique experience as you navigate the open world and progress through the story…

Grave’s brand of surrealist dreamscape will be a unique experience for players. The team’s goal is to create the “Destino” or “Eraserhead” of games, by experimenting and redefining the player’s interaction with the game’s narrative.

grave run

Explore a dynamically procedural desert inspired by the early wild west landscape of America as you explore the game’s unusual narrative. Fusing reality with unreality, locations fluctuate in and out of existence while you play and nightfall brings strange, threatening creatures that stalk you until dawn. Play Grave how you want to, setting up defensive fortifications to survive the night or arming yourself with offensive weapons to keep the creatures at bay. With procedurally populated enemies, items and even worlds, Grave weaves an unpredictable tale that will keep you in its grasp.

grave barn

Game Features

  • Surreal gameplay challenges your perceptions with dynamically changing worlds, unnatural imagery and fantastical creatures. Anything can happen and the experience is constantly unpredictable.
  • Unique day-night gameplay woven into the experience – split gameplay between survival and exploration. Fear the night, hope for day.
  • Non-traditional weapons for defending yourself against the creatures of the night, including matches, flashlights, flares, generators, fire and more.
  • Compatible with the Oculus Rift (DK1 and DK2) on PC, so you can fight off creatures of the night in virtual reality.

Grave night


Grave was successfully funded through Kickstarter in April 2014, accepted into the ID@Xbox Program and featured as part of the Microsoft ID@Xbox E3 presentation this year. The game has also been featured in a variety of events such as Phoenix Comicon and Rooster Teeth Expo and is now coming to PlayStation 4!

Grave is built in the Unity 3D engine, and will be taking advantage of the ID@Xbox partnership with Unity Technologies. The team is working hard to build Next-Gen visuals into the title, and plans to take advantage of many of the new lighting and shading techniques possible with the upcoming Unity 5.