First Impressions of The Mad Max Game Trailer And An Unexpected Surprise

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Slowly but surely Warner Brothers and Avalanche Studios have been revealing information regarding the upcoming Mad Max game, however we’re finally getting a substantial gameplay overview that is blowing the doors off of what I was expecting. This certainly isn’t the Mad Max: Fury Road film adaptation that I was expecting, its much more than that.

If you happened to miss the video, you can check it out here

Based on what we saw, there are a few things that we can clearly tell right away…

Massively Open World: It appears there is a massive post-apocalyptic open world to explore within Mad Max, featuring diverse terrain that can be intelligently utilized while on the road. It also seems that there will be a deep quest system worked into the game, allowing for more compelling opportunities to wander the Wasteland.

Environmental Impact: It’s clear that a lot of time was spent on ensuring the environment was an essential and opposing entity within the game. Between the day/ night cycles, dust storms, and the volatile weather patterns; it doesn’t seem that surviving The Wasteland will be easy. I can’t help but wonder if the weather will be as dynamic and procedurally generated as they should be or if it’ll all feel like it’s on a timer? Based on the level if detail that Avalanche has been pouring into the game, I can only assume every encounter will feel unique and be unexpected.

Road Warrior: Initially when I heard a large portion of the game would feature driving, I was certainly a little apprehensive. However I was thoroughly impressed at the depth in which you’ll be utilizing the features of the road. The Magnum Opus may be a means of travel but, its also a means of your survival. While on the road you’ll be encountering a wide range of Scrotus’s goons, whether your trying to takedown a convoy or they’re taking the fight to you, intelligent customization and upgrading will be key.

Fight Mechanics: This was definitely a welcomed surprise, before this point I wasn’t sure how much of the game would be spent outside of the Magnum Opus. Until this point, the majority of what I’d seen was vehicular combat. The hand to hand combat looks impressive, however there is a certain familiarity in the freeform flow of it. Did WB Games & Avalanche employ similar, if not the same hand to hand fighting mechanics as the Batman Arkham franchise?

The combat mechanics that Rocksteady devised for the Batman Arkham franchise demonstrated, in my opinion, what hand to hand combat within a game should be. It was the first time that we’ve seen a brawler fighting model given the ability to seamlessly perform brutal freeform attacks while chaining devastating combos with effortless agility.

Let’s remember that the Batman Arkham franchise falls under the WB umbrella, it only makes sense that they’d ensure their partners are utilizing award winning mechanics to be as successful as possible. This was also true with the Lord of the Rings based Shadows Of Mordor, which applied it beautifully. In fact Shadows of Mordor has been my PS4 Batman replacement while I wait for Arkham Knight to be released.

The question remains if WB continues to employ this fantastic approach to combat going forward, will it start to lose its appeal?

In addition to utilizing those fight mechanics, Shadows also improved upon the combat experience with the Nemesis system. This was a great way of establishing individuality amongst the primary enemies, each had; their own strengths/ weaknesses, could hold grudges, seek revenge, and be promoted within their ranks.

What if Mad Max also incorporated the nemesis feature from Shadows into the game? Can you imagine how compelling the battles with Scrotus’s goons would be if they utilized this feature? I think this could definitely be a means of adding depth to the random encounters and side mission quests throughout the game.

Let us know what you thought of the Mad Max trailer and its various elements in the comments below…

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