Not A Hero Leaked Early, As Bunnylord HQ Ransacked By Political Opponents

not a hero

London, UK – A previously unknown British political faction UJIP have claimed responsibility for a recent break-in at the campaign headquarters of time-traveling rabbit and London mayoral candidate BunnyLord. Insiders with knowledge of the situation have reported that in addition to the theft of sensitive campaign information, the political group has also leaked a cracked and defaced version of BunnyLord’s upcoming videogame – Not A Hero.

Just in case you aren’t familiar with Roll7’s upcoming Not A Hero, you can check it out here

This illegally distributed version of the game contains strong anti-BunnyLord imagery and sentiments and is freely available on and – inexplicably – on Steam.

Also, the Steam page was defaced so maybe this is a marketing stunt. Suspicious to say the least.

The game, featuring a time travelling purple rabbit attempting to become elected mayor, has received considerable backlash for its criticism of political systems and it’s satirical take of democratic elections in the Great Britain. An unrepeatable Google search unveils that the UJIP has been campaigning to have the game banned and recently staged a sit in at the offices of Devolver Digital, Not A Hero’s publisher.

“We’re pretty used to dealing with activist groups that have a bone to pick with Devolver Digital game” said Devolver CFO Fork Parker. “Don’t get me started on the battles with People for the Ethical Treatment of Skateboards when we launchedOlliOlli.”

While incidents such as these are often a distraction for the developer, many see these discussions as a proof point that games are becoming a medium that can raise its voice and become parts of larger, more meaningful political discussions.

“If there is one thing Not A Hero will be remembered for it’s a brilliant cover-based combat mechanic and it’s deep and thoughtful commentary on the lack of true democracy in so-called democratic elections held in modern Western societies,” noted Roll7 Political Strategist Simon Bennett. “Well, that’s two things isn’t it? Can you not print one of them? Please stop typing.”