Shovel Knight Review – Can you dig it?

Once in a while a game releases and is given universal praise. But is it always worth it?

Shovel Knight dropped onto the PlayStation family this week. I’m excited to finally get my chance to play the game. Now Shovel Knight is a game that takes inspiration from several well known games. Mario 3, Duck Tales, Mega Man… these are classics. Now let’s dig in.

Shovel Knight utilizes 8-bit graphics
and makes them look stunning. I enjoy how the flow and art show off the personality of each boss. Speaking of bosses, they all match their names perfectly. It’s awesome seeing things like King Knight having a crown or Tinker Knight’s Mech.

The game plays fluidly, simple controls allow you to easily pick up on what you need to do. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. The platforming and puzzles will throw some dirt in your eyes if your not careful. Each level has well placed secrets.
As you progress you collect gold which allows you to buy upgrades for your shovel. You will also unlock Relics which bring some amazing twist.

The story is based on rescuing Shield Knight. To do this you must defeat the Enchantress. But as always there is the Order of No Quarter standing in your way. While this isn’t the deepest story it is reminiscent of the past which it emulates.

Enter in Kratos. Yes this is a game changer. You have the ability to battle Kratos and show him your skills. The reward for defeating him… well let’s just say it’s so worth it.

Shovel Knight is so worth your time. The game is cross-buy, cross-save this allows you to play anywhere. Yeah there is no reason you shouldn’t play this game.

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