Titan Souls, How many ways can you die?

Titan Souls… a crazy boss rushing, Zelda looking, shadow of the colossus inspired death fest. That’s right every battle will introduce you to another death. One you don’t always see coming. So obviously I had to pick up and play this game. But what happened? Well first let’s go through the details.

This game looks like an old school Zelda game… only prettier. The top down NES inspired view is very well done. But it also leaves something to be desired. Yes the different environments help change the background but I still felt like the game was empty for much of my time(I also feel this way about Shadows of the Colossus). More life in the world would’ve been welcome.

You are a wander with a single arrow and are required to hit each Titans weak spot. This mechanic is simple in theory, but execution is difficult. This isn’t a bad thing. You have to be strategic when you pick a fight with these monsters. Of course I would’ve liked to see a bit less open area and a more streamlined route. This would eliminate the boring walks to each room.

None… yeah no story here.

If you’re a speedrunning then this game is right up your alley. However if you are after trophies or more of a casual gamer you may want to wait for a sale.
It’s fun to play but as I said it’s made for speedrunning.

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