Does The Suicide Squad Director Provide More Than A First Look At Jared Leto As The Joker?

Tonight the internet has been a buzz since David Ayer, the director for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, tweeted out the below picture of Jared Leto as the Joker.


Certainly there isn’t anyone that could argue that the Joker is the personification of an extreme personality, however is this the version we’ll actually be seeing in the Suicide Squad? Even though it’s quite possible that this is the Joker we’ll be seeing in the upcoming movie, there isn’t any doubt that Jared Leto captures the maniacal essence of the character. This heavily tattooed version of the character may be a departure from the versions of the Joker that we all know and love, however I can’t imagine this departure would’ve been taken lightly. This direction would only be taken if it were directly related to the story and how it conveys what they wanted to depict with the character.


If we take it a step further and examine the photo a little closer, it may provide additional insight into this representation of the Joker. Featuring a classic pose, the expressive eyes, and even the “HAHA” tattoos all seem to reference the very iconic image from Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke. However this tattooed image of the Joker isn’t the first time we’ve seen Jared Leto reference a very iconic image from The Killing Joke, on April 9th David Ayer tweeted another such image that was very reminiscent of the cover by Brian Bollard.

suicide squad jared

Originally published in 1988, The Killing Joke is still regarded as one of the best and darkest Joker stories ever told. Designed to be told as a one-shot story exploring the origin of the Joker, it laid the foundation for one of the most tragic moments within the Batman comics. If you’ve not read it, then you certainly need to as this is essential reading for any fan of Batman.

the killing joke

Is it possible that the tattooed character design reflects a modernized take on this particularly dark version of the Joker?

Then again… Are these tattoos a little too on the nose? Is it possible that the over the top Joker symbolism represented within the tattoos serves as nothing more than a fantastic publicity promo? Regardless of whether or not you’re looking forward to this representation of the Joker, it’s accomplished the intended purpose… We’re all talking about it.

Are you looking forward to this tattooed representation of the Joker or are you hoping this is nothing more than a publicity stunt? What do you think of the fact that The Killing Joke is being referenced, perhaps as the inspiration for the Joker that we’ll see portrayed on screen? What about the fact the the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is heavily rooted in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, think we’ll see other iconic portrayals being referenced? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

suicide squad day 1

By the way… On April 13th David Ayer Tweeted out that it was the first day of shooting for the Suicide Squad, the movie is currently slated for an August 2016 release.


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