Avengers Age of Ultron Review

The years first most anticipated movie. This hit theaters May 1st. So of course as a fan of the Marvel universe I had to see it. But is it worth your time and money?

Once the trailer released on the net I was excited. Hulk vs Hulkbuster is what dreams are made of… But to keep the mystery I went dark. No news related to the Avengers was allowed in my realm. But of course this is a review. So I will break it down into three acts.

Act 1 – Return
When we jump into the film the team is already in battle with Hydra. This is the same Hydra that had Scarlet Which and Quicksilver at the end of Winter Soldier. The first act does a good job not only starting the journey, but setting the tone for action and humor as well. There were several moments where I would think that was amazing and it would be followed by a nicely timed one liner.

ACT 1 – Awesome

Act 2 – Ultron
Following the group through their celebration we see what created Ultron and why he has it out for the Avengers. Ultron plan is rolled out to us in small doses and doesn’t make a lot of sense. We see Scarlet Witch mess with the team and bring out their fears. Then we see the main event Hulk v Hulkbuster. This battle is fun. So much action. So much humor. But the whole act feels a little weak.

ACT 2 – Good

Act 3 – Save the World
Now we’ve seen parts of Ultron’s plan foiled by the team. But his master plan is in motion, he has a huge army and the Avengers have had to battle back their fears. The fights are cool and massive. The humor is again on point. But it begins to feel like it’s retreading things we’ve seen.

ACT 3 – Okay

This is a good movie that adds to the Avengers movie universe. How ever the plot feels like the first Avengers movie. It runs through the plot super quickly and doesn’t really explain who the new characters are to the masses. I will sum it up like this. It feels like Marvel had Phase 1 to make the Avengers. But hadn’t nailed down the final plans for Phase 2, but knew they needed to make a movie.

I would say if you’re a die hard fan go see it in theaters. If not the Blu Ray will work just fine.