Dex, A Cyberpunk Action RPG That’s Out Now


If Dex isn’t on your radar, it should be… That’s clear from the moment you see the level of detail that has been poured into it.

Dex, a 2D story-driven cyberpunk action RPG, has been released today. The game combines hand-crafted art, immersive atmosphere, and a gripping storyline inspired by ‘80s cyberpunk novels and videogame classics of the genre.

The gameplay is a combination of adventuring, melee and ranged combat, exploration, and a unique system for immersion in cyberspace. The focus of all of the game elements is on providing an authentic cyberpunk experience. The RPG component is represented by character development, multiple dialogue choices, branching quests, and a wide choice of implants and equipment. 



Rare melding of realism and creative vision:Realistic action, mature storyline, and complex character interactions meld with hand-drawn characters, animations, and locations, arcade-style melee combat, and an original conception of cyberspace.

Multiple solutions to problems: Operate in cyberspace or normal reality. Overcome obstacles using skills, weapons, special equipment…

Meaningful character progression choices: Will you be a silent assassin, a hacker, or a straightforward gunfighter? Improve your character and gear to unlock gameplay-changing upgrades that reinforce and customize your gameplay style.

Unique hacking mechanic: Transfer your consciousness to your avatar, overcome intrusion countermeasures, take action, and then return back to your body in a fraction of a real-time second to see the results – deactivated turrets, overloaded devices, enemies with crippled implants…

Neo-cyberpunk: Story deeply inspired by the cyberpunk novels of William Gibson and other classical cyberpunk authors, flavored with a contemporary concept of augmented reality.

Rich game world and mindful level design: Visit diverse locations in Harbor Prime, a futuristic city complete with luxurious skyscrapers, run-down shantytowns, and seedy red-light districts. Take part in street brawls, steal corporate data, overcome environmental hazards, and, of course, stay alive – no easy task.

Full voice acting: Interactive dialogues using hand-drawn sprite animations, fully voice-acted by Jessica Boone, Brian Caspe, Peter Hosking, Bob Boudreaux, and over thirty other accomplished professional actors. Thanks to funds from a Kickstarter campaign, the fans made this possible.


Dex is available on Steam, with a DRM-Free version available through Humble Store.


Developed by Dreadlocks, they’re an independent creative team situated in Prague, Czech Republic. The studio was founded in 2011 as a collective of seasoned game industry professionals from various Czech companies. Our portfolio includes a vast number of contract projects, augmented reality applications, and an award-winning mobile puzzle game, Rune Legend.