Interview with 4Bit Games

We had the opportunity to ask the team at 4Bit Games some questions. Of course they are making a cool new couch multiplayer game on PC and Xbox One. Let’s jump into the interview.

To start ORBIT looks similar to some old school games graphically, what were the inspirational games for ORBIT?

When coming up with a visual style, we thought it was important both to express beauty and simplicity. This is beacause gameplay is incredibly important for us, and noise can sometimes inhibit the feedback from the game. We think the natural solution of this problem is to express interactive elements with simplicity and have a more complex backdrop.

What decisions went into creating ORBIT to become a multiplayer game?

We wanted to create a local multiplayer experience from the start. Some of our favourite games are local games, and we think there isn’t nealy enough games featuring this type of gameplay. We just love playing with each other, really!

Was there ever a moment that your team thought about making ORBIT a single player experience?

We had some idéas early on, but rather quickly decided we wanted to spend all our time making the multiplayer as awesome as possible!

Was there debate about making ORBIT local Multiplayer versus online Multiplayer?

There was some debate but in the end we’re all such big fans of couch gaming. We think there is a special type of magic you only get when playing in the same room, so we wanted to encourage that.

What has been the reaction for new players that have been put through the break neck speed of ORBIT?

We’ve had all kinds of reactions! One time we exhibited the game in Norway, there was a boy who just absolutely refused to leave the gaming station. He later had to pee, but instead of going to the toilet, peed his pants to win the round of ORBIT.

Do you plan on bringing it to Playstation or Nintendo platforms some day?

Right now our plans are to bring ORBIT to Steam and Xbox One.

What games does your team play to relax? Do you get together for Multiplayer madness or does everyone go their own way to experience a deep story driven game?

We play a lot of different games. Recently we’ve had a lot of fun with Helldivers and Towerfall, but we also play lots of singleplayer games. We actually play ORBIT pretty often too, it  never gets old!

What are some of your teams favorite games to play?

We’re huge fans of the Elite: Dangerous game and space stuff in general, we also love the souls games!

What advice would you give someone that’s dreamt of making their own game? What would you consider to be the most important thing, technical or otherwise, to learn in setting that dream in motion?

We think the most important thing is to start making games. It doesn’t really matter if it’s fun or not, just make a bunch of them. Sooner or later you’ll make great games or give up! There is a huge benefit in being multi talented, so we recommend doing both art and programming to start of with. Another great idea is to use a game engine like Game Maker or Unity, so that you can prototype quickly!

So what do you think? Looking forward to ORBIT? Let us know what questions you have and we will try and pass them onto the team.