Toren Review, Lots of Ideas Not So Great Execution

Toren released on May 12th 2015 by Swordtales is an action adventure game released for PC and Playstation 4. Lets take a deeper look at this indie.


Gameplay is very basic, with some platforming mixed in with a few puzzles. Combat in the game is very limited with much to be desired. The idea of Toren is to climb a large tower to try to defeat a dragon and as you progress you encounter dreams that help you gain strength after solving dreamscape puzzles.


Toren is about a girl named Moonchild her sole purpose as it appears to me is to defeat a dragon who you are chasing all over the tower. As you climb the Toren you grow in strength getting older the higher you go. The game uses a lot of Poetic language to explain itself and ultimately I feel it fails to explain itself cohesively. The attempt to have connection with the main character is lost in translation.


Graphically the game is on par with last generation hardware. The game comes across as mostly artistic in its approach of color choices but maybe that was the direction Swordtales was going.  The game engine on Playstation 4 does have its hick ups and glitches along the way from Moonchild holding a invisible sword to frame rate drops.


I would pass, this game unfortunately a well conceived concept. Just does not offer the replayability and dimension I would enjoy in a game.
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