Bedlam, A Post Apocalyptic Turn Based RPG


BEDLAM is a strategic single-player roguelike turn-based role-playing game, created for the PC and Mac utilizing ‘The Banner Saga’ engine.

The player is cast as the mysterious Mechanic, the last known member of a once-thriving guild of brilliant inventors, intrepid travelers and operators of the rolling fortresses called Dozers.


As the Mechanic, you are in charge of commanding your crew in battles, managing your resources, improving your Dozer, interacting with various characters, and protecting your passengers while navigating through the post-apocalyptic wasteland known as Bedlam.

Think you have what it takes? Then grab the controls, equip your Dozer, load your passengers, assemble your diverse battle-ready crew and prepare for your journey to a new destination on the far edge of Bedlam!

Remember – One chance and one crew to make it through!


The World of Bedlam
The realm of Bedlam is the result of the catastrophic clashes of black science that caused the Barren Age… and the impact of those terrible wars still linger after centuries.

Civilization survived and ultimately flourished in the spectacular walled metropolis of Bysantine… but as this technological marvel begins to fall victim to overcrowding, class distinction, corporate conflict and organized crime, there is a new hope in the distant utopia of Aztec City!

Your travels through Bedlam may take you into tachyon mists that can distort time before your very eyes, hallucinogenic squalls that can present literally unreal threats, alternate-dimensional bleeds that can drop legendary parallel-reality champions into battle with (or against) you, or ancient necrotech that can reanimate the skeletal remains of long-fallen warriors… with a vengeance!

The unpredictable environment can even affect battles. Because of Bedlam’s constantly fluctuating climate, your combatants may have to fight during blinding blizzards of crimson ash, near patches of homicidal vegetation, or in confounding fields of X-ray wavelengths. Or a corrosive enzyme cyclone could suddenly swirl through the middle of an encounter, which may prompt the enemy (or your own crew) to flee or risk molecular degeneration!

Temporal anomalies, freak storms, bone soldiers and deadly apparitions? It’s no exaggeration to say that anything can happen in these bizarre lands — Bedlam truly earned its namesake!


Your goal is to travel from the futuristic metropolis of Bysantine through the chaotic realm of Bedlam to reach the rumored utopia of Aztec City with as many of your passengers and crew intact as possible.

You will constantly consume supplies as you travel across Bedlam. Meat, Metal and Crude are what you will need to keep your passengers fed, your Dozer repaired and your engines running. These critical resources can be collected through random events, salvaged from defeated enemies, or received after completing quests or prevailing in battles.

But keep in mind that all territories, Points of Interest, NPCs and events are randomly generated at the start of each new game, encouraging multiple play throughs for a fresh experience each time!

If you successfully navigate through Bedlam, you will be given an option to “Double-Down”. This is the BEDLAM version of a New Game+ (unlockable video game mode), offering a chance to transport your crew and Dozer (with all upgrades and weapons) back across Bedlam for subsequent journeys – but remember, it’s double-or-nothing!

Bedlam was successfully funded on Kickstarter, the community demanded it and they shall receive it.

Developed by Skyshine Games, they’re an independent video game developer specializing in creating fun and captivating role-playing games.

Skyshine was founded in 2014 by three industry veterans from various high-profile studios.