Mulligan, A Gory Comic Book Of Conspiracy & Revenge On Indiegogo


Have you ever wanted to be in a comic book? Here’s your chance to become a character in the upcoming series Mulligan, its a story of; conspiracy theories, gory violence, and revenge!

Are you wondering how you can get involved and become a character within the pages of Mulligan?

Rob Mulligan is the creator & producer behind Mulligan, he’s been working 7 days a week to bring this comic book series to life. He’s investing his own time and money into this project, however he’s in need of your help to ensure he’ll be able to duplicate & distribute.


Mulligan is in its final hours on Indiegogo, see why the community has rallied behind Rob and this great project.

Mulligan has 2 twisted stories planned for this fundraising campaign, issues #1-5 and issues #6-10.

You follow Mulligan along his journey for revenge and second chances, learning of his disturbing upbringing and medical conditions. You watch as he destroys everything in his path searching for answers while doing his “job”. You watch as people are drained of their life energy to make fuel, causing them to be “sheeple”… a mere shell of what they once were…


Why Indiegogo?
Its plain and simple, they need to raise at least $1000 for duplication for national distribution.

Your contribution makes a HUGE impact on not only this comic book series, but all my future releases! Every penny you give helps manifest dreams and validate hard work! 

Once we start our distribution deal for Mulligan, expects some story arcs and some more completely twisted ideas! You’re funding this comic book series but you’re really pouring gasoline onto the creative firestorm that is waiting to explode!

What’s in it for you?
Become a character within the comic book, get signed limited editions, sketches, posters and more!

Head over to the campaign page for a complete breakdown on the truly unique perks for supporting Mulligan.