It’s not everyday that a modern shooter releases on the PlayStation Vita. But Breach & Clear isn’t an ordinary shooter. But what is it? Well let me tell you. It is a tactical strategy turn based RPG. Confused?

Yes you have a team of gun wielding Military Men, but you don’t control them in a normal sense. You plan out where and what each member of the team will do. Lob a grenade, heal a teammate or move in firing. It’s your call. But how does it stack up against other Vita titles?

It isn’t the prettiest game on the block. But it looks better than a lot of vita titles. But all the enemies and even your squad look relatively similar. I had a hard time knowing who was who on my team.

You control a squad of highly skilled soldiers. You select where they move, what direction they face & if they utilize their unique abilities. Rach turn you are faced with a variety of options. You must decide which tactics are best suited for each situation. Your team will succeed or fail based on how you plan out your turns.

Nope, it doesn’t exist. This game is all about strategy. It’s meant to be played in short burst, with each mission lasting around 5 to 10 minutes. At least you know you won’t miss anything if the volume is off.

To be honest while the game is fun, the lack of a story always seems odd to me. However it would’ve only watered down this game. Pick this one up on sale. It’s an entertaining game that brings some modern combat strategy to your hands.