Portalnauts, They’re Defending Countless Dimensions From Evil And Now On Kickstarter

When an evil force comes to invade the earth, just as it has in countless other dimensions, it’s time for the Portalnauts to join forces and take on this shadowy menace before the universe is lost!

Inspired by 16-bit classics like Mega Man X, Super Mario World, Super Metroid, Revenge of Shinobi and more, Portalnauts aims to capture the feel of the early 90s classics while bringing modern standards to time-tested gaming mechanics.

Portalnauts is a 2D platforming action adventure game featuring multiple characters, each with unique abilities, using their skills to fight an evil invading force all across the multiverse. Players will travel through the game recruiting and unlocking characters to help tackle the increasingly challenging worlds and unique bosses that lie within.

Who Are The Portalnauts?

The Portalnauts are a team of heroes from different universes uniting to defeat an evil pan-dimensional maniac. As you progress through the game you will unlock additional characters, each with unique abilities, who must all work together to take the madman down. More characters will be added as development continues, but here are some of the characters revealed in the game so far!

Why Kickstarter?

Publishing a game costs money, so funds will be used to pay required fees necessary for the game’s release. Funding will also go to pay for additional software & equipment, such as Unity Pro to make creation & testing of the game as smooth and straightforward as possible. Of course a portion of the fees will also go towards kickstarter’s fees as well as paying taxes on the funds raised.

If any stretch goals are met additional funds will be spend hiring talent to complete additional work and assist with the game’s development! These additions will be poured into adding more features to Portalnauts, depending on how much is raised, so whether you can make any pledges or just help by sharing this KickStarter with your friends online, every bit of help will make the game better and better!

If you’re a fan of the 16-bit generation of gaming, then Portalnauts needs your support. Check out their official Kickstarter, show your a support, and download a copy of the current demo!

Box Robot Studios is also contributing their musical talents to assist in bringing the Portalnauts experience to life…

Portalnauts is being developed by Irish developer, James Doyle. With a background in Computer Programming & Design, as well as a lifelong love of games James is bringing all his experience together to make Portalnauts as much fun to play as it can be.

As GamesPlusJames he has also been making videos talking about games on my youtube channel for a number of years. Between talking about games and helping others create their own games through tutorial series’, James has also regularly livestreamed development of Portalnauts on Twitch.