Deal: American Dream, Table Top Narco Strategy Kickstarting Soon

From the moment that I first read about DEAL, I knew this was going to become a hit within the table top gaming community. DEAL: American Dream tackles the topic of the illegal drug trade and gang warfare, you’re vying for control against rival gangs and looking to expand your territory by any means necessary.

Borderline wants to stress they don’t condone these illegal activities, DEAL is meant to be a satirical critique on pop culture and current affairs.

Want to know more? Here’s our original coverage, however below you’ll find; all new info, an official trailer, and look at the final board and set pieces.

The Game

Each player masters a clan and competes for the dominion of drug trafficking in the Americas. To succeed, players need to conquer territories and recruit troops. In order to grow faster, they can produce drugs and sell them or resell them to whoever is willing to pay the highest price!

DEAL is a game that requires abundant strategy; from negotiations to bluffing, players will have to mask their intentions and try to seize every opportunity to expand their reign over the drug trade.




Board Pieces

The Clans: Each player will embody one of the 6 clans competing for the domination of the drug trade.


The Troops: Players have access to three kinds of troops; Soldiers, Lieutenants, and The Boss.


Combat: When the troops of two players meet on a territory, combat is declared!


Respect: A player is declared winner when he or she accumulates 10 respect points.


World & Clan Events: Event cards alter the pace of the game by bringing unexpected developments.



Contained within DEAL: American Dream, you’ll find everything you need to play the secondary game Deal Corner. Its a little game of arms dealing, combining your ability to bluff your opponent and test your memory as you look to take control of the corner.

Kickstarter Campaign Coming Soon


Our friends at Borderline are excited to share that they’ll be launching their Kickstarter campaign for DEAL: American Dream on May 27th. They’re in need of your help to ensure they’ll be able to fund their production run and get DEAL out into the world.

Updated… The Kickstarter . Don’t let the subject matter deter you, this is a truly going to be a game of strategy, deception, and survival that any tabletop gamer could appreciate. And thanks to our current pop culture, DEAL is going to have a much wider audience/ fan base than I think they’re expecting to see.

Who is Borderline?
Borderline is a group of players and artists who are passionately dedicated to the realization of the project DEAL. A young and professional team based in France but present in other parts of the world, Borderline audaciously explores realistic and modern themes, sometimes at the expense of appearing subversive and politically incorrect.

But more than anything, Borderline consists of friends determined to make DEAL a reality and eager to design games that will leave a mark on uncharted territory.