Galaxy Heist, Sets Their Sights On Kickstarter

Since our original announcement Space Bear Development has been making great progress on their upcoming epic sci-fi adventure, Galaxy Heist.

They’re creating a massively open world galaxy where you engage in epic space battles and experience close quarters, first person FPS action.

From the moment I’d first heard about Galaxy Heist, I was instantly on board and ready to commit heinous acts of intergalactic piracy.

Space Bear Development is excited to share their new trailer and provide an update.

Space Battles
Galaxy Heist is a space game that brings the world of large space battles into the word of close quarter first person shooters.  Each match players start out in space, on board a large ship with up to 5 players.

Players have three main choices of activities when in space:

  • Pilot one of the large ships that’s holding other players
  • Control one of the turrets, firing cannons, bullets, and the boarding tether
  • Pilot one of the drone fighter support ships and act as a wingman for your team

Concerned that you’ll find yourself the victim of poor matchmaking, relying too heavily on the assistance of terrible players? Have you ever said, “The players on my ship suck, I want to jump to another ally ship”?

No problem! Use an escape to move between big ships and change teams during the space battles.

galaxy heist 2

Boarding Enemy Vessels
Once an enemy ship loses all power and becomes disabled, it’s free pickings for nearby enemy ships.  Any large ship can take control of one of their turrets, fire a tether over to them, and begin the boarding process.

galaxy heist 3

Interior FPS Battles
Pulling yourself into a disabled enemy ship will begin the server travel, effectively putting your team on a bridge connecting to the enemy ship.  The enemy players will spawn on their flight deck, ready to defend against you.

The inside of every large space ship is different, offering unique strategies on how to get into the flight deck.

Some of the interactive features inside each ship:

  • Blow out windows with a vacuum canon and watch the decompression rip nearby players out into space.
  • Interactive oxygen system that needs to be successfully turned on after decompression to prevent suffocation.
  • Interior engine cooling system that you should keep your precious limbs away from.
  • Lots of exploding components, including doors that can be blown open with C4 and explosive oxygen tanks.

galaxy heist 4


Space Bear Development is excited to announce that they’ll be launching their Kickstarter campaign for Galaxy Heist on June 1st, however their Prefundia page is live now. Check it out and let them know you’re behind the project and want to know when the campaign goes live.

Today’s the day, the Kickstarter campaign for Galaxy Heist has gone live! Check it out, this is certainly a game worth your support.