AirMech Arena: Review

One thing I love is Transformers. While this doesn’t necessarily represent them specifically. It does give the same sort of vibe. You are a pilot of a Mech suit. Each suit takes on some form of flying vehicle. But the question is how good is the game?

No there is no story. But for me I imagined one of many battles between Autobots and Decepticons. Not sure if this will work for everyone, but I liked it.

This is a top down shooter. As a free to play game it looks very good. The terrain and characters are each very detailed. Watching opposing armies battle for control isn’t epic but it does look cool.

A dual stick shooter at its core. With multiple ways of traversing the map. You are leveling and capturing bases. Building your army to destroy the enemy. It’s all very responsive. Flying feels a bit floaty at times.

Being free to play can be a curse. While you have the ability to unlock everything with in game currency it will take you forever. Making the pay to unlock more appealing.

Download it. It’s on PS4, Xbox One & 360. While it is free to play I went ahead and put $20 into it to unlock everything. This is easily one game I will keep on my console to play time and time again. I only want it on my Vita now.