Void And Meddler, A Cyberpunk Trip Where False Memories Let You Become You

During the 2014 Point and Click Jam there were a number of exciting entries that were developed and submitted within the tight 15 day window of opportunity. This particular game jam challenged developers to create a point and click adventure game, that met the below requirements.

  • Needed to resemble the graphic style of a game from 80s/90s (LucasArts / Sierra / Delphine etc)
  • must look / sound / feel / play as if it is from a retro system using specific color palettes and needed a resolution of 320 x 200.
  • It could utilize a SCUMM Verb/Object style system, or something of the developers own creation.

void and meddler logoHowever one of the most intriguing entries into the competition was developed by Dorian Sred & Trevor Reveur, Void And Meddler. The duo certainly wasn’t unfamiliar with the tight time constraints posed by the jam setting, they created their first game entitled No Wave in period of 48 hours for the GameDevParty jam6.

void and meddler 1

Originally when they set out to make Void And Meddler, they wanted to create something that looked like its creators; two musicians nurtured by noise rock from the 80’s, synthwave, road trips and cyberpunk literature. On the Point and Click site they described it as a point & click game, with pixel art, electro noisy music, and more extraordinary things.

Let me tell you, having played their submission, it was much more than that… check it out for yourself here.

void and meddler 2

The Story

Void and Meddler is a deep trip inside the mazelike mind of Fyn, wandering in an uncertain era, in an undefined city. People are used to taking hormone drugs and collecting false memories. This make it easier to change their life and become the person they want to be.

void and meddler 5

The Result

The duo was recognized for their hard work, Void And Meddler was voted 3rd place overall in the jam. And thanks to the enormous amount of positive feedback and reviews they felt encouraged to dive back into the world they created and made the decision to develop a full length version by respecting their original idea.


  • A non-linear adventure in 6 acts (3 episodes)
  • Each act can end in several ways (different puzzles, different stories)
  • Surreal atmosphere inspired by Philip.K.Dick, William Gibson, David Cronenberg, Shinya Tsukamoto and Gregg Araki
  • Your actions may alterate the world around you
  • A not so subtle mix between good old point and click features and a totally fucked up story!

void and meddler 3

The first episode of Void And Meddler is scheduled to be released in October 2015 on PC & Mac, however there isn’t any reason you need to wait until October to preorder it. They currently have the entire season available on their site for preorder now and it’s on sale… Currently the full season is priced at $12, however it’s on sale for $6 and there really isn’t any way you can beat that.

void and meddler 6

We’re excited to announce that we recently had an opportunity to conduct an interview with Dorian regarding his take on indie game development and some new details regarding Void And Meddler… Keep an eye out for it.

Let us know what you think of Void And meddler in the comments below, will you be keeping this on your radar?

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