Official Rocket Jumping Day – Tinertia Stream

Here is a set of questions I was asked a few days back.

Do you love platformers? Super-fast speeds? Rocket launchers? Cute robots? Death, destruction, mayhem?

Of course my answer was a resounding YES. But what was this about you ask? The only possible outcome TINERTIA. The team responsible for creating this highly charge, rocket jumping platformer has announced they’re “Official Rocket Jumping Day”.

More questions you have? (Yoda voice) Well here is key information on the event:

Who: Tinertia (Check out the game on Steam)
What: Social Media Community Event Streaming Tinertia’s awesome rocket jumps, speed runs, and gameplay
When: Thursday, May 28th
Why:  Because indie games and indie gamers are full of passion and make great games and the world should know

Now make sure to mark your calendars, set your alarms or stay up all night if you need to so you can make it to the live stream.