Batman: Arkham Knight, “Time To Go To War” Gameplay Trailer

As we’re quickly approaching the release of Batman: Arkham Knight on June 23rd, 26 days left, we’ve recently seen an increase in the flow of communication & reveals courtesy of Rocksteady regarding the epic conclusion in their Batman Arkham trilogy.

Today we’ve received the “Time To Go To War” gameplay trailer that picks up after the events of the ‘Officer Down’ trailer. We watch as Batman infiltrates Scarecrow’s safehouse in Gotham City, only to find a familiar face, and takes on the might of the Arkham Knight’s drone forces in the Batmobile.

“Were you expecting to find me Batman? I’m afraid I must disappoint you. Take a look at the chamber, I want you to know the fear that is coming.”

Not only are we getting a firsthand look at the lengths that the Scarecrow is willing to go in order to achieve his goal of killing the Bat… however Poison Ivy isn’t necessarily helpless is she?

BATMAN Arkham knight batman time to go to war 1

This trailer also provides us with another fine example of the phenomenal combat mechanics as Batman handles the goons within the Scarecrow’s safehouse. Of course we also get another look at the Batmobile in action, racing through the streets of Gotham and then converting into tank mode to take on the Arkham Knight’s drones head on.

Of course Rocksteady isn’t the only one embracing the ticking clock and providing the community with more insight into the game, yesterday we received our first look at the Scarecrow Nightmare Missions courtesy of Playstation.

What do you think of the trailer? Let us know what you’re most excited about in the comments below…

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