Disney Infinity 3.0: Inside Out, First Look At The Upcoming Playset

disney infinity 3.0 inside out

Your mission begins when Riley watches a scary movie before falling asleep, which sends Subconscious into chaos. Riley’s memories are scattered all over Imagination Land, and it’s up to you to help her Emotions return them to Headquarters before Riley awakens. To get the job done, you’ll need the unique skills and abilities of each of the Emotions.

Let’s meet the Emotions!

JoyA ray of lighthearted, optimistic sunshine that brings cheer to every adventure

FearFrightful bundle of nerves uses waves of emotion to clear the way of obstacles and protect Riley

AngerHot-headed powerhouse uses fists of rage to remove obstacles

DisgustQueen of sass sends waves of emotions with a feisty confidence

SadnessWorrisome friend turns waves of sadness into melodramatic fun, all while trying to remain positive

All five Emotions will be playable in the Inside Out Play Set as well as the enhanced Toy Box 3.0!


The Inside Out Play Set will be available this fall and includes Joy, Anger, the Play Set Piece, and a Web Code Card. Therest of the Emotions will be sold separately


What are your thoughts on Disney Infinity embracing the newest Pixar movie in their upcoming 3.0 lineup?