BIOS, The Racing First Person Shooter That’s Blasting It’s Way Onto Steam Early Access

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What happens when you merge the fast paced world of racing and the world of the first person shooter? You end up with an incredibly deadly, timed challenge that is certainly going to test your ability to run n’ gun your way to the finish line. Question is, will you survive long enough to see it?

BIOS offers the fantasy of a Racing First Person Shooter (RFPS). The player needs to complete the different simulated hostile environments the fastest way possible. BIOS puts a refreshing twist on the FPS genre by integrating racing games elements in its core design. The Early Access single player mode pushes the player to use all of their gaming skills to complete the different maps and challenges. The Early Access of BIOS includes a total of 7 environments and 21 map challenges.

BIOS takes place inside a training simulator called the VRFS Software (aka Virtual Reality Fighting Simulator). BIOS comes from the acronym Basic Input Output System.

“BIOS is a fast paced, high octane asynchronous competitive game. Your goal is simple, make it to the end alive the fastest way possible. The player will develop strategies and refine their skills to constantly make better times. We strongly believe that we are bringing something new into the FPS landscape.” said LP Pharand, Co-Founder of PIXYUL.

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The game’s core concept revolves around 2 main game pillars: Racing & Shooting.

“With the game’s objective to make the best times, players will have to master the levels by manoeuvring and shooting the enemies. Your first few runs on a map are more like recon missions or like a repetition to achieve greatness and to finally make the perfect run!” said Julien Cuny, Co-Founder PIXYUL.

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BIOS is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and takes full advantage of EPIC’s ecosystem. “Unreal has allowed us to quickly deploy a whole range of AAA features from the get go. Working in such a stable and feature-rich environment has been a blessing for our project.” said Philippe Leblanc, Technology Director of PIXYUL.

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BIOS has landed on Steam Early Access today, check it out and see if you’ll be able to make it to the finish line… trick is, you’ve got to survive.

Developed by PIXYUL, they’re based in Montreal and were founded in 2013 by industry veterans Julien Cuny and Louis-Pierre Pharand who have previously worked on multiple successful franchises from leading video game publisher Ubisoft.