Looking Forward – Some New Indie Games

We spend a good deal of time looking for cool Indie titles to share with everyone. I for one have come to enjoy it. There are so many creative games out in the wild and many more being built each day. The amazing thing now is some of these Indie games find us. Whether that’s email or twitter, it doesn’t matter cause I want to know more. Well today I have a couple games that I will be gathering more information on, but wanted to share them with you.


First we have Xenia’s Ark. Now here is what Xenia’s Ark is about – a new 4x Space Strategy Game that is currently under development by Malicious Games. The goal is to achieve what no other 4x game has done in the past: Combine both full planetary and space gameplay. The target platform to launch is Steam, and popular mobile platforms Android and iOS are in the scope for a later release. We do not have a release date yet, however we are aiming to finish Xenia’s Ark in 2015.

This is one ambitious game. On their site they list out the many different races and units. They speak of the Lore and many other details of the game. With the game being fairly new the site is going to be updated many many times. Keep an eye on this one.

Site: Xenia’s Ark


Our second game takes a different path. Tanzia is the name and here is a bit about it – Become the greatest shaman to ever lob a fireball.  Retrace the steps of your Akazi ancestors to prevent your homeland of Tanzia from being overrun by an ancient evil.  Your elders will guide you, but it is up to you to master your skills and live up to your family’s legacy.

Now Tanzia is an action RPG and is set to release on Steam this year. Good news! Here’s a trailer:

Go check out the site: Tanzia


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