Destiny, House of Wolves a Huge Disappointment

Let me start saying I have enjoyed Destiny since its release in September, not only did I enjoy it I loved it. But all things do come to an end and this new DLC just put the nail in the coffin.


As I completed the story missions 5 to be exact, I think I have more questions than answers adding to the mess of what is destiny’s story. It’s like I was just thrown into the middle of something with no explanation. The story missions do play smoothly but it feels like I have already done this with the same enemy type a thousand times before.

Prison of Elders

Instead of a new raid we got this horde mode type of gameplay mechanic. There are 4 different levels with the max being level 35. After surviving 5 waves you then go to the treasure room to unlock rewards in chests. During these 5 waves you have to disarm bombs while fighting off the waves of enemies to continue. Matchmaking is only available on the lowest setting and what a huge bummer having to go on the forums to find a group. Prison of Elders felt fresh at first but after running it a few times I felt it got boring real quick. I would much more prefer a raid and a group of 6 which I felt was the bread and butter of Destiny.

Trials of Osiris

I was anticipating this portion of the new DLC the most. After playing 20 games and losing mostly all of them with cheaters and overpowered weapons (yes I am talking about you Thorn!) I gave up. In this new mode you get a score card that tracks your wins and losses and after 3 losses you’re out and have to get a new card. It’s a 3v3 skirmish match get to 5 and you win. After you rack up 9 wins you get to go to the elusive lighthouse which has exclusive rewards.


Besides the fact that the grind from 32-34 is quite easy using etheric light and the fact that old weapons are no longer obsolete. I feel House of Wolves is the last DLC I will play.

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