A.I. Invasion, Defending Against The Rise Of The Machines


A.I. Invasion, which at first had been designed as a free2play MMO will now restart with a new concept and will soon be available on Steam. 

A.I. Invasion is an action-packed third person shooter with strategic elements. At present the game’s focus is on single player content as the title is currently in development.

A.I. Invasion is set in a distant future in which mankind seeks refuge in the depths of the galaxy to escape the attacks of a superior enemy – the artificial intelligence.


Isolated from the rest of the universe, the last survivors of mankind oppose the onslaught of the devastating machines. In this third person shooter you jump into the role of a soldier and fight for the fate of the human race: Victory or Defeat.

In various missions players have to defend their base, escort convoys through enemy territory and conquer enemy outposts occupied by machines. Players are supported by a team of special units they have to equip and command.

The game will be published on Steam and a console version is in preparation as well.