A Storm is coming!!!!

Again while looking for cool new Indie games, we often have some they are sent over via email or twitter. Well here’s another one that we want to get onto people’s radar. Dark Storm.


What is it?
In Dark Storm’s prolouge, take control of Amber and attempt to survive when the Alaskan lab you’re employed at is suddenly attacked. Use stealth to out wit your enemies, or delve into the highly detailed weapon list and find a favorite. Challenge yourself with the dynamic AI that scales to your ability. Explore the rich environments of the lab to find out what went wrong and immerse yourself in the absorbing story that takes place over several chapters.

Clever Girl – Dark Storm is a stealth action shooter. Use your cunning and quick wit to give yourself the upper hand.

Dynamic AI – AI that scales to each individual player. There are no difficulty levels in this game.        

Rich Detailed Environments – Enjoy expansive, fully explorable and diverse locations.

Expansive Weapons List – Over 43 Weapons are planned over the course of 5 chapters.

Episodic Content – Game will be released in chapters.

Campaign Multiplayer and Coop – Multiplayer features are to be expected later in development.

Dynamic Soundtrack and Professional Composing.

Original and immersive story.

Tactical aim-sight system.

Unique heads-up display.

Voice Over – fully immersive voice acting from a talented cast including actors Danielle McRae (League of Legends), Erica Lindbeck (Viz Media’s Coppelion), River Kanoff (Dust: An Elysian Tail), Kamran Nikhad (Heroes of Newerth)

After reading through I’m super intrigued. What’s the reason they’re attacked? What secrets are they digging into? So many questions.

Will be keeping a tab on this one. Click to see Dark Storm‘s website