Party Hard, Is A Warning To Terrible Neighbors Everywhere… Check out the E3 Trailer.

Pinokl Games and tinyBuild Games are proud to present their newest trailer for Party Hard, the only thing better than presenting this trailer at E3 is the fact that they’ll be able to present the feature-complete build of the game.

In Party Hard, you play as someone who is really tired of the neighbors having loud parties at 2 AM. Instead of calling the police, you decide to take matters into your own hands attempt kill everyone – using your faithful knife and the environment.


Party Hard will have semi-procedural environments and focus on unique ways of killing people. In the greatest traditions of sneaking games, your main goal is not to get caught, while silently picking off unsuspecting victims one by one. Dancing and blending in during a suspicious situation is key.


The prototype of this game was created during the latest Global Game Jam and became a viral success with tons of Lets Plays from Youtubers. TinyBuild backed up the original developers, Pinokl Games, to create the full version of the game that they’ll be presenting at E3. If you’ve not yet had a chance to take a stab at Party Hard, then check out the original Dev entry here

Party Hard will initially be released on Steam, iOS, Android, and will be followed by consoles.

Developed by Pinokl Games, based in Ukraine, they made a name for themselves in the casual games space. For years, they’ve been making family-friendly casual titles across different platforms. But then they attended the Global Game Jam and created the prototype for Party Hard. Turns out, the dev team is really good at making mass murder simulators.