Final Fantasy VII Remake, Wishful Thinking

Sony let the bomb out of the bag this E3 with the reveal of Final Fantasy VII Remake. So what can we possibly see in this remake that was not available in the technology from 18 years ago. Let’s take a look.

Graphics – This is a no brainer we will be seeing cutting edge visuals most likely on par with Final Fantasy 15.

Battle System – Final Fantasy VII was a turned based system and it worked well in its time, but in 2015 turned based games are not existent. I have a feeling this remake battle system will be either a mix such as Final Fantasy 15 or something more like Final Fantasy 13.

Materia – Finding spells/summons and upgrading them to master level is what left this games replayablity really high, don’t mess with it Square Enix.

Online – Remember the Battle Arena at the Golden Saucer? How cool would this be to be able to fight other Clouds like a PVP arena.Maybe even have a co-op mode.

Story – Untouched but I bet a lot of the improper translations from Japanese to English will be fixed. Sorry guys but Aerith still dies.

Dialogue – On par with FFX-FF15 there will be no more reading but all live voice actors.

Now after reading all of this it appears Square Enix has either a lot of work to do or it may disappoint. What would you like to see in the remake?

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