Sony Reveals An Exciting Limited Time Exclusive For Disney Infinity 3.0

During Sony’s time on the E3 stage, they revealed that they’ll have a pretty exciting limited time exclusive for the upcoming Disney Infinity 3.0.

The Star Wars Saga Starter Pack for PS4 and PS3 will be the only place that fans will be able to play as Boba Fett in Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition through the holidays, and will also allow fans to get the Star Wars Rise Against the Empire Play Set nearly a month before it hits store shelves. The limited edition exclusive Sony offering includes:

Star Wars Saga Starter Pack for PS4 and PS3 (suggested retail price: $114.99), will include:
(1) Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition video game software
(1) Star Wars™ Twilight of the Republic Play Set piece, (1) Ahsoka Tano figure, (1) Anakin Skywalker figure
(1) Star Wars Rise Against the Empire Play Set piece, (1) Luke Skywalker figure, (1) Princess Leia figure
(1) Boba Fett figure
(1) Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition base
(1) Web Code card (unlocks content for PC/mobile)

disney infinity 3.0 boba fett figure
One of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy, Boba Fett will use his martial arts skills and blaster rifle to help the Galactic Empire hunt and track down prey. Instantly playable in the updated and enhanced Disney Infinity 3.0 Toy Box, Boba Fett is also unlockable in all of the Star Wars Play Sets. Check out the new screens of Boba Fett!

disney infinity 3.0 boba fett 2

disney infinity 3.0 boba fett 3

disney infinity 3.0 boba fett 4

disney infinity 3.0 boba fett 5