Red Goddess: Inner World Is Landing On PSN This Month For PS4


We’re talking about a Metroidvania, with a powerful narrative and magical aesthetic, a brawling adventure game where you play as a young goddess named “Divine” to explore her inner-mind with the objective of remembering and recovering her own powers.

We’ve previously talked about Red Goddess, however we’re excited to share that it’ll be landing on PS4, for North America & Europe, on June 30th.

Red Goddess: Inner World is an adventure game in an epic journey and features mystical-fantasy storytelling in a universe filled with symbolism. The atmosphere is conveyed through an unique art style with beautiful graphics and immersive gameplay.  Red Goddess lets players explore a non-linear map, and it emphasizes back-tracking with new moves and skills to access new areas, but combat, with its simple red and blue factions mechanic is where it truly shines to make  Red Goddess a memorable gaming experience.

A gorgeous introductory cinematic introduces you to the protagonist’s plight, Red Goddess is an open-world action game very much in the same vein as the classic Super Metroid, Outland, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Guacamelee or Castlevania games.

In  Red Goddess, you play as a troubled deity named Divine, who feels confused and haunted by her past. she is in imminent danger, Something mysterious and unknown is tearing her apart from the inside out, destroying her mind, her soul. To save herself, she must explore her own mind and the planet that exists within it. This exploration is fraught with impediments and obstacles. The journey begins when Divine decides to right this wrong by exploring her own subconscious, where she will discover a planet within her own mind made up of mountains, forests, caves, villages, and perils unknown… a vast space for players to explore.

You can play the game with Divine, your protagonist runs, jumps, climbs, talk and interact, over time, her abilities evolve to include other powers, also psyche power: telekinesis. 

In her journey, Divine is helped by two alternate personalities, Rage and Fear, who embody her emotions and are utilized with their own unique skills and abilities. You can shift between Divine, Rage  and Fear characters, with a quick tap of the R1 and L1 buttons in DualShock 4.

When you do select one character, the other half appears as a “mask” of the main character (either Rage or Fear persona). The mask appears following you everywhere in the game, and could turn against if you activate some traps.

Our title features new and progressively more deadly challenges for the player: unlocking new powers and unravelling the mysteries, survive attacks from dangerous creatures, solving puzzles and defeating the dangerous bosses.

Unreal Engine and Playstation:
From the earliest stages of development Yanim Studio knew that with Unreal Engine 4 they had an opportunity to create a game that pushes next-gen gameplay experiences in addition to providing awesome visuals. The result is that the world of  Red Goddess: Inner World and its characters; Divine, with her two sides: Rage and Fear and enemies, NPCs, Golems…  feel like a awesome world that you can walk through, explore, and truly experience to be a young goddess.
The PS4’s powerful hardware has allowed them to bring an amazing experience with some special options with DualShock 4, like vibration function and different colour light bar depending on which character is in play.

The game is available via PlayStation®Network  for $14.99 / € 14.99. And of course can be pre-ordered through their paypal site.

Developed by Yanim Studio, an independent game developer, based in Spain with a focus on creativity. They started to work approximately ten years ago with 3D animation, outsourcing 3D artwork for others developers, We are a small team of only six people, composed of people who have worked for games such as Risen, Deadlight, and Wanted: Weapons of Fate.

They launched a Crowdfunding campaign, kicked off in June 2014.  the pledge goal was met. Almost 1,300 backers pledged  $40,235 to support the development  of Red Goddess: Inner World.


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