Acaratus, A Tactical Turn Based RPG Set Within A Medieval Steampunk World

Acaratus is a tactical turn-based RPG for PC set in a medieval steampunk world, where you build your own Mecha Units (called Battle Suits). Each player commands giant battle-suits, fighting on various arenas over the known world. The game will have an emphasis on tactical maneuvering and battle-suit management.

The game will boast a large selection of various modular attachments and offer a wide variety of customization to build the Battle-suits that fit your play style! You can later go online and fight it out against real opponents and prove your skill.

It’s a mashup between Heroes of Might and Magic and Hearthstone.


Adina is a rich slave dealer and she unwillingly becomes the leader of a rebellion against the oppressing emperor Helios, when she starts recruiting slaves to fight for her and their liberation.

Explore the world of Acaratus in an episodic storyline

Nodbrim Interactive is planing on releasing Acaratus in three episodes. Length is up to the player how much you want to explore the world but in average it’s estimated to about 4-5 hours on act one. We will have a map with paths that lead to city hubs and between the cities there are side quests, assassins and random encounters. It will be sold as a full trilogy pack or as separate acts. Act one will include the mulltiplayer so those who don’t want to play the story will be able to get it without extra costs.

Build Your Fighting Force

The players will have their own hangar to build a band of battle suits. A battle suit is built modularly where all pieces add up to statistics like weight, strength, distance, and etc…

Acaratus 4

50% of battle is preparation, so building your band of machines the right way is important. If you are a player who likes to rush in and deal damage quickly then maybe dual wielding swords are the best. With a light body you will be able to travel long distances in less turns.

However if you like to deal heavy damage from a distance, you can go the route of a heavier body with canons on top and some shields on the sides. It’s all up to you on how to customize your battle suits. When in battle you will get your battle suits lined up on each side of the field.

Then the battle starts and depending on what type of battle suits and cards you have chosen the actions here will be different. some move to cover because they don’t have ranged weapons or you hunker down with shields to be able to shoot the distance. Set some of them on ambush or overwatch and wait them out is also a good strategy.


The Enemy takes their turn and you counter what they do by positioning yourself into their flanks. Imagine a chess match but with advanced chess pieces.

Acaratus 2

Fast Competitive Gameplay

Become the champion in Acaratus by quick decisions, great forward thinking and no mercy! Acaratus hearkens back to the old school turn based tactical games such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Heroes of Might & Magic. We also love board games like Warhammer and chess so there are elements of that too.

Acaratus 1

A session starts with a deployment of battle-suits on to the arena. You use your action points (AP) to move and attack with any of the available battle-suits. Command Points (CP) are used on Commander Abillities and they are randomly picked out of the deck you have created in the hangar. These cards can range from simple offensive boosts to strategical manipulations like overwatch. When it’s your turn again your points will refill and its time for you to take cover. Cover is important because line of fire is critical when attacking your enemy. The player with their contenders alive at the end of the battle wins!


  • Deep tactical turn-based gameplay with medieval mechs
  • Explore a vast randomized map with random encounters and surprises
  • Construct your battle suits with modular attachments.
  • Find collectable cards that fit your play style.
  • Fight it out against other players in the battle arenas

Acaratus will be heading into Steam Early Access in February 2016.

Developed by Nodbrim Interactive, founded in 2015 by two friends, Martin Kupski and Kristoffer Lindström in Ronneby/Sweden. The company’s goal is to put out quality niche titles for PC and develop interesting games that make players think while having fun.