E3 – What did we like from the Conferences

Around this time, every year, the gaming world stops in its tracks and focuses in on one of the largest shows in the industry. That’s right, were talking about E3. As the conferences have wrapped for the week and the announcements have been made, we wanted to take a moment to share our excitement with you. We’ve highlighted our favorite announcements from each of the major studios.


Jason: As much as I enjoyed Dishonored, it was one of those games that I played through and was done. Hopefully they’ve upped the ante and Dishonored 2 is able to hold the audience a little better. However I’m slapping my vote down on Fallout 4, I’m definitely looking to dive in.

Gerard: Doom without a doubt!


Jason: Without a doubt, adding backwards comparability to the Xbox One is truly an amazing decision and will be appreciated by the fans. However I want to take this moment to recognize the games… I’m incredibly intrigued by Ion, the teaser trailer ends on a really interesting note and everything I’ve read speaks to galactic colonization on an MMO level. However there wasn’t enough of it shown or explained that’ll allow me to put it in the top spot, so I’m giving my nod to Fable Legends.

Gerard: I would have to say backwards compatibility is something I never expected to see on Xbox One. Especially with there reversal of there DRM policy a few years ago. If this does not win you over nothing will.


Jason: Battlefront was one of my most anticipated titles for 2015 and I didn’t see anything during EA’s time on the stage to change that. I’m definitely looking forward to exploring the dynamically rich world of Star Wars Battlefront.

Gerard:The Need for Speed reveal is what had me tuned in. Can’t wait for Novemer.


Jason: I’ll be honest, I’ve always loved the look and feel of the Assassins Creed franchise and Syndicate looks like it could be great. But the franchise’s gameplay hasn’t ever been able to hold me past a few missions. I’m still eagerly awaiting The Division, which is still one of my most anticipated games of 2015. However I want to honor the spirit of E3 and recognize a newly announced title, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands. They look like they’ve upped the ante on their normal gameplay, the pre-alpha footage has me very intrigued.

Gerard: I know I will get alot of hate but Ubisoft does not offer anything I can get into. Yeah I admitted I dislike Assasins Creed, But The Division may make me change my mind about Ubisoft.


Jason: Horizon Zero Dawn is definitely intriguing, I love the world that they’ve crafted. However I’m still on the fence, they’ve got some work to do and need to show me more before getting my vote. So I’m going to be sticking with a franchise that I love, Hitman. How many ways can you assassinate the target?

Gerard: FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE!!!!! enough said


Jason: Its great to see Nintendo stepping out of their box and licensing their iconic characters to Skylanders, however this doesn’t do much to get me excited. I’ve got to give my vote to Star Fox.

Gerard: Disappointment anyone suprised?


Jason: I’m completely split between Just Cause 3 and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Both franchises have provided me with a lot of fun and I appreciate them both for different reasons. However I’m leaning more towards Deus Ex, I love the franchise for the depth of story and the phenomenal atmosphere.

Gerard: Since they are making FFVII they are getting all the love. Dreams do come true!

There you have it… That’s what had us excited, now it’s your turn to let us know what got your blood pumping?