Only 3 Days left on Kickstarter for Portalnauts!

Portalnauts, an upcoming 16-bit Action Platformer from Irish indie developer, James Doyle, is entering its final 3 days as it seeks funding on Kickstarter!

The game is currently seeking €12,500 in order to complete and release the game. Portalnauts can be found on Kickstarter at

Portalnauts is a 2D action platforming game, featuring a character-switching mechanic as its main mechanic. Playing through the game the player can switch characters instantly at the touch of a button to gain access to different powers. Each character has unique abilities and as the player travels through the game they unlock more characters, letting you reach more places, and defeat the ever more powerful enemies, complicated puzzles and unique bosses that lie ahead.

When an evil force comes to invade the earth, just as it has in countless other dimensions, it’s time for the Portalnauts to join forces and take on this shadowy menace before the universe is lost!

Portalnauts is developed by James Doyle, an Irish developer working alone on his first full release and is currently seeking funding on kickstarter. The game features a 16-bit pixel-art aesthetic as well as a focus on tight platforming mechanics using the unique character switching mechanic that is central to the game. There is a playable demo of the game for Windows, Mac & Linux showing some of the game’s main mechanics available at