Zoink wants to turn you into a Zombie

Indie game developer Zoink, known for its previous hit Stick It To The Man, now gives players the chance to become a ZEO – a Zoink Executive Official! Check out the launch video below

How to become a ZEO:

What’s a Zoink Executive Official?
As a ZEO, you get a whole bunch of perks and cool stuff – like actually getting to star as an extra in Zoink’s upcoming title Zombie Vikings! But that’s not all. Here’s the full list:

● You get access to Zombie Vikings before the release, and you’ll also get some extra game keys to share with your friends. Go multiplayer!

● You’ll be an extra in the game! They will actually paint you into Zombie Vikings!

● Your mailbox will be stuffed with a concept sketch of Zombie Vikings-you, concept art, and a super cool t-shirt.

● You will get access to a private Zoink forum where you get to chat with the devs, who will give you exclusive news about Zombie Vikings and upcoming projects before everybody else.

● If you live close enough to attend, you also get a golden ticket to the Zombie Vikings release party!

Each week, everyone has the chance to become a ZEO by entering a contest. This very first week, the challenge consists of creating a weapon for Zombie Vikings! And here’s a bonus: The winning entries will actually be playable in the game.