Bleeding Border, CurseBoxStudios Reveals Their First Commerical Game On Steam Greenlight

bleeding border header

CurseBoxStudios launched their first commercial game to Steam Greenlight, Bleed Border. It’s a first person 3D survival horror game, in which the player must escape through the top of a monster infested building using his own blood as the only defense mechanism.

The game starts with Zoey, she’s losing blood from a freshly amputated arm. After a scavenging mission went terribly wrong, all of her team members were killed by the apparently indestructible PaleOnes. Zoey escaped thanks to a rare genetic mutation that makes her blood act like poison when it comes in contact with the PaleOnes, it’s a shame she had to lose an arm to figure it out.

Bleeding Border is inspired in old school games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, adding modern elements of gameplay and aesthetics. In this game the player needs to run and hide, only resorting to your blood as a last resource. As soon as the player hurts himself he will start to bleed, and die if his wounds are not treated in time.
bleeding border 1
Needless to say is an adventure with a lot of gore and blood filled action.

Developed by CurseBoxStudios, an indie game studio from Uruguay, they’re hoping to bring you their unique version of horror and let it redefine horror within the industry.