Dying Light, Doing Something Worthwhile With Your Weekends This Summer


 Summer is traditionally a slow season in gaming – but not for Dying Light players. This July and August, all zombie-slashing fans have much to look forward to thanks to Techland’s ‘Summer with Dying Light’ campaign. Through six specific weekends players will have a chance to take part in varied one-time only events that will make their playtime even more exciting. You can find the campaign schedule below:

July 4-5: Spider-Crane
July 11-12: Harran Marathon
July 15-16: To be announced soon!
August 15-16: To be announced soon!
August 22-23: To be announced soon!
August 29-30: To be announced soon!

The campaign starts with the Spider Crane weekend. With unlimited grappling hook shots and almost no fall damage, players will be able traverse the city of Harran like never before.

The event starts on Saturday July 4th at midnight 0:00 PST and ends on Sunday, July 5th at midnight 0:00 PST.

Details of future weekend events will be announced soon through Dying Light’s official channels.

‘Summer with Dying Light’ is separate from Techland’s ongoing #DrinkforDLC campaign, in which players posts pictures of themselves drinking water to unlock future free DLCs forDying Light which the team are currently designing.

For more Dying Light fun, click here to check out a recently released bug video completion video, put together by the team’s testers.