Legends of Eisenwald Released

Legends of Eisenwald is now officially released! After spending some time on Steam Early Access, the old-school RPG is finally complete and ready to welcome more players into its merciless medieval world.

For launch week, players can take 15% off Legends of Eisenwald!

Check out the game on Steam!

Players who bought Legends of Eisenwald on Early Access will receive The Road to the Iron Forest, a DLC serving as a prequel to the main campaign. This bonus content will be implemented within the next few months.

About Legends of Eisenwald
The heroes in Eisenwald aren’t your typical dragon-slaying sorcerers, but relatable characters guided by a desire for glory, wealth, and even romance. Imagine a world in which medieval superstitions are true, but without the clichés of several fantasy games. Expect divination, alchemy, and a few magical creatures, but no elves or fireballs!

● Play as a Knight, Mystic, or Baroness and experience a different story depending on your choice.

● Discover a dynamic turn-based combat system in which attack is synonymous with movement.

● Manage equipment and upgrade your units to customize your battalion.

● Take over castles to strengthen your troops, then defend them with all you’ve got.