Become A Dragon Slayer In Retro-Inspired PC-RPG ‘Loot Hero DX’ Now Available On PC via Steam

Today, VaragtP Studios is proud to announce the worldwide release of Loot Hero DX, their latest retro-inspired PC-RPG available via Steam™ and the successor and updated version to critically-acclaimed Loot Hero, previously released on PC in 2014.

Launch trailer:

Loot Hero DX (DX as in “deluxe”) challenges you to become dragon slayer in a world full of evil creatures unleased by a powerful and magical dragon haunting the lands. The game offers an action-packed RPG grind-fest with progressively hard enemies blocking your path. Run, battle, power-up and slay whatever creatures stand in your way. XP and loot can be collected and used to upgrade and buy bigger and better equipment.

● 20 enemies and bosses

● Tons of upgrades

● Retro-inspired visuals

● Ridiculous amounts of loot and XP

Loot Hero DX is a must-have RPG to fans of all ages and experience levels seeking the ultimate dragon-slaying gameplay experience.

Loop Hero DX is available for download from here.