Looking Back – Star Fox 64 3DS Review

Back in my childhood I would visit my friends house and we would start up the N64. One of the first games we played was Star Fox 64. Mainly multiplayer mind you, but I was in awe. I got a chance here and there to play the campaign, however I never made it very far.

Now that I recently received a 3DS I was able to play the re-release. So how does the game hold up against my childhood fondness? Let’s see.

As a kid making the required turns killed me. Dodging objects was super tough. But now I flew(ha ha) through the game. The difficulty seemed to evaporate. Avoiding fire was simple, taking down enemies… unchallenging.

Child ears and eyes made this into an epic space battle. Adult eyes and ears… there really isn’t a story. You must stop the crazy monkey from taking over the world. No deep dive into how or why.

Child – AMAZING!!!!
Dad – meh, it’s fine.

This one can be finished in an afternoon. Really.

So if you have children they will have a tough time on this one. No idea why. As my grown up self… waste of time. So to be honest if you can get it cheap for your child go for it. If you are looking to play it as an adult… I have to say pass.